Intensive Training

Training for experienced drivers to make them more experienced, so that they can succeed even in extreme situations.

We recommend this training for you if:

- you would like to drive even more safely;

- you want to learn in a simple way how to avoid accidents;

- you would like to have a more conscious control over your car in emergency;

- you would like to be prepared for extreme situations as well.


During the training you can practice the following on optimal grip and slippery surfaces:

- emergency braking;

- target braking;

- proper steering technique and slalom;

- driving the downhill module and hairpin curves;

- evasive manoeuvres;

- handling under- and oversteering;

-emergency braking when the two sides of the car are on surfaces with different grip;

- regaining control over suddenly skidding and swerving vehicle.



Valid category B driver’s license
your own vehicle
109 990 HUF 8 h / occ.