Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Training

Our professional trainers introduce the active and passive safety systems for the brand new Mercedes-Benz vehicles in a unique way.


We focus on the active presentation of the operation of PRE-SAFE and other innovative assistive systems during the excercises. Participants could get familiar better with the properties of the new Mercedes vehicle and experience the functionality of built-in safety systems during the practice.


- Avoidance of unexpected obstacles on slippery surfaces

- Emergency braking on one side on a different adhesion surface

- Sudden slippage on a slope in combination with a hairpin

- Bend slope on alternating adhesion surfaces

- Highway and on road driving

We provide you the opportunity to arrive with an adult plus one to the training, or one child over 14 years and 150 cm height.

valid category B driving license
only own Mercedes-Benz vehicle
87 990 HUF 4 h / occ.