Motorcylce Advanced Training

Training for motorcyclists who have already participated at any motorcycle driving technique training and would like to improve their knowledge.

This training is for you:

- if you want to handle your motorcycle safely, consciously and dynamically during road traffic,

- if you feel that the basic motorcycle driving technique training exercises are no longer a challenge,

- if you prefer practice-oriented courses and do not want to wait long between each practice.


During the training, you can practice on a safe, closed track:

-turning techniques that can be used during road motorcycling,

- the arc modification during cornering,

-choosing the right point of view,

-motor handling techniques that can be used well in urban traffic,

- emergency braking, at a speed of up to 90 km/h,

- the emergency escape,

- the combination of emergency braking and emergency avoidance,

-turning at highway speed,

- the constantly changing curves on a go-kart track with a motorcycle.

During the training, the riders take part in their own motorcycle to get to know its features and limits in a safe environment.

Precondition : valid „A1/A2/A/AM”  drivingc licence and complete protective equipment

(helmet, gloves, jacket, trousers, motorcycle boots or closed boots or shoes that reach above the ankles)

A1/A2/A/AM driving licence, own vehicle
own vehicle
49 990 HUF 7 h / occ.