• Until when can I redeem my gift voucher?

    Gift vouchers can be redeemed at our center within one year of purchase

  • Under which conditions can I prolong my gift voucher?

    After the expiration of one year from the date of purchase, we will extend the voucher for another six months at an additional cost. Buy here

    Voucher extension fee: gross 17.000 HUF

  • What does the ’additional person’ mean?

    By purchasing an ‘additional person’ ticket, maximum 1 person can take part in the program as a passive participant, seated next to the driver in the car during the practical part and also during the theoretical part of the program.   

    Buy here – Additional person ticket fee: gross 17.000 HUF

      • Children shorter than 150 cm;
      • After Work programs, in the case of personalized programs, no accompanying person can be in the car;
      • In our Mercedes-Benz trainings, 1 additional person – as an active or passive participant – can participate both in the theoretical and practical parts of the program free of charge.
  • Where can the accompanying persons stay if they do not participate in the program?
    • Relatives of the participants may stay in the reception building during the program. From the gallery of the building, visitors can see the work on the tracks through a huge panoramic window – we provide comfortable seating and access to free WiFi.
    • During opening hours, our bistro MOTO restaurant is also available to our guests.
  • How soon should I book an appointment to redeem my voucher?

    Our individual customer days typically take place on Saturdays and Sundays. Making an appointment is necessary to book the program. It is advisable to inquire about the available training dates about one month before the selected date.

  • How can I book an appointment?
    • For our Group Trainings, you can redeem your voucher through our website (Basic, Advanced, Intensive, Professional, Winter preparation, Black Ice, Motorcycle trainings). Apply here !


    • In the case of personalized programs (Mercedes-Benz Under17 or After Work) individual appointment is required by phone: +36 23 565 530 or via email: [email protected]


    • In the case of our Mercedes-Benz trainings, our guests can register here by entering the serial number of the gift voucher and the vehicle registration number related to the new car purchase.
  • What kind of vehicle should I bring to the training? Will my car be at risk during the program?
    • We recommend completing the program using your own car, as it is important to get to know the ’behaviour’ of the car we drive the most in everyday life. During the program, the car is less technically loaded than in peak traffic on a motorway, e.g. on a Budapest-Siófok route.
    • However, if you do not want to participate in the program with your own car, we also offer the possibility to rent a car. For a gross extra charge of 30.000 HUF, our customers can choose from our mid-range vehicle fleet by prior arrangement.
  • How should I prepare my car before the program?
    • Please check technical validity of your vehicle and the validity of your driving license.
    • Please check the tire pressures and the vehicle fluid levels.
    • Please arrive with season-appropriate tires.
    • Please keep the fuel tank at least half-full.
    • The vehicle must be in good technical condition for road safety.
    • There must be no unsecured objects in the passenger and the luggage compartments of the car.
    • Please wear optimal closed shoes and weather-prof clothing for driving.
  • Is it safe to participate in the training?

    In our tracks, customers can learn to prepare for possible emergencies in safe conditions. All tasks are performed within given speed limit, under the guidance of our instructors. If these are followed by the participants, no accidents or rollover may occur during the training.

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