Toyota GR Sport - New Car Training

We recommend the training for those who have newly purchased their GR SPORT car and want to test their own limits in a safe, controlled environment.


Participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the functions of the driving assistance systems included in the equipment, and learn how to use them. Emphasizing the presentation of VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), PDA (Proactive Adaptive Driving Assistance), ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), and LTA (Lane Tracking Assist).


  • Bringing a drifting vehicle back in line, operation of GR SPORT VSC,

  • Combined track with rapid lane changes, slaloms, evasion, and parking, utilizing the GR Sport's firm suspension, low-profile tires for good handling, along with a 360-degree camera or reverse camera, collision prevention system,

  • Executing the ideal trajectory, maintaining appropriate cornering speed, traction, and understanding VSC operation,

  • Driving at a country road pace, navigating twisty circuits, with ACC, LTA, PDA. Additionally, for the C-HR Plug-in Hybrid model, there's one-pedal driving.

    At the training, we provide the opportunity for either one adult accompanying participant or one child who has reached the age of 14 and is taller than 150 cm to attend.

For efficient and safe collaboration, tasks during group training sessions are performed with your own Toyota GR SPORT vehicle, and you will maintain continuous radio contact with the instructor.

Valid 'B' category driver's license
new Toyota GR SPORT
4 h / occ.