Eco Drive Training

Training for economical and environmentally conscious drivers who, by properly treating their vehicles, would like to reduce the fuel assumption and exhaust emission of their cars.

We recommend this training for you if:

- you want to pollute your environment to a lesser extent;

- you opt for calm, even-tempered driving. 

In order to ensure efficient and safe training, participants use their own vehicle and keep radio contact with the instructor.

Precondition: Valid category B driver’s license, valid motorway pass

Parts of the training: 

- driving on highway and motorway without instructions;

- the well-prepared vehicle (weights, tyres, drag, petrol consumption control, maintenance)

- the well-prepared driver (defensive driving style, safe distance, set-off, use of the engine brake, stopping and awaiting)

- driving on highway and motorway with instructions;

- comparison between and analysis of the two driving styles. 

Valid category B driver’s license
with your own vehicle / rental car
76 990 HUF 2 h / occ.