Drive PRO Training

Specialized, advanced level training for drivers who have already participated in a previous drivingcamp training and want to elevate their expertise to a higher level.


We recommend this training to you if you have previously familiarized yourself with your own and your vehicle's limits, and are ready to master complex driving tasks.

Precondtion: completion of a previous drivingcamp training is a MUST

During the training, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Integrate the basic driving techniques you have learned so far,
  • Learn and practice solutions to highly hazardous situations,
  • Master safe maneuvering on surfaces with varying levels of traction,
  • Quickly handle unexpected loss of traction.


  • Slalom with sudden lane change / shockpad – complex task on slippery surfaces
  • Cornering on surfaces with alternating levels of traction
  • Emergency avoidance maneuver with braking
  • Emergency avoidance maneuver with sudden directional change
  • Handling of a skidding vehicle on a slope with water obstacles
  • Application of precise cornering techniques, acceleration, and determination of braking points on a road module with inclines and declines.

For efficient and safe learning, tasks are performed with your own vehicle, and you will maintain continuous radio contact with your instructor.


valid B cat. licence, prev. drivingcamp training
Active modules
76 990 HUF 4 h / occ.