After work - A training for two!

Life is better in pairs, so is driving!

Our after work driving traing is worth now: book now for 2 with your beloved one or best friend or favourite collegue for a common training!


We recommend this training for you if:

- you would like to take part in a personalized driving technique training with your family member or one of your friends,

- you would like to develop your driving skills together with your partner,

- you would like to be prepared for extreme and emergency situations more conscious,

- you would like an individual and tailor-made education and instructions for driving after working hours or at weekends.


During the training you can practice the following on optimal grip and slippery surfaces:

- emergency braking, target braking,

- proper steering technique and slalom, evasive manoeuvres,

- regaining control over skidding vehicle,

- driving the downhill module and hairpin curves,

- handling under- and oversteering;

- all those tasks and excercises that have caused problems before or are still need some practise.


2 seperate vehicles are suggested for a quick and effective training experience!

valid B category license
169 990 HUF 2 h / occ.