Winter Prep Training

Special winter preparatory training for those, who would like to practice under winter road conditions, and would like to expand their driving skills in order to drive their vehicles more safely.

We recommend this training for you:

- if you would like to get know your vehicle’s possibility under winter road conditions,

- if you would like to expand your driving skills on slippery road surfaces,

- if you would like to be prepared for the special weather conditions, for the altered visibility and road conditions,

- if you would like to control your vehicle self-confidently in winter as well.


During the training you can practice the following on slippery surface:

- the proper technique of braking and steering of the vehicle,

- the downhill module: the proper technique of up- and downhill driving,

- regaining control over suddenly skidding and swerving vehicle,

- handling under- and oversteering,

- proper winding techniques,

- how to keep your vehicle under control.


Valid category B driver’s license
your own vehicle
76 990 HUF 4 h / occ.