After Work - Off road Training

A real adventure training only for you off the roads!

Our professional trainer guide you individually for 2 hours!

Exciting training for drivers of SUV and all-terrain vehicles who want to gain more confident control over their cars off the road on an everyday basis.

We recommend this training for you if:

- you would like individual and tailor-made off road education and instructions for driving after working hours or at weekends,

- you want to try out unexpected situations in real conditions;

you feel like acquiring basic techniques and developing your driving skills,

- you would like to meet the full capacity of your car;

- you want to learn how to surmount emergency situations and difficult obstacles with your car;

- you would like to see the challenge in situations from which you have escaped so far.

In order to ensure efficient and safe training, participants use their own off road vehicle and keep radio contact with the instructor. In case we can help you out with renting a car.

Valid B category driver's license
own car
99 990 HUF 2 h / occ.