MotoTurn Training


WEEKDAY AFTERNOON motorcycle training for the lovers of curves.

We recommend the motorcycle training for you if you:

  • Want to improve your cornering technique,
  • Wish to corner more safely on the road,
  • Prefer practical, experience-centered training.

During the training, you can practice safely on a closed circuit:

  • Cornering techniques applicable to road riding,
  • Modifying your line mid-corner,
  • Selecting the correct line of sight,
  • Cornering at road speed,
  • Negotiating continuously changing curves on a go-kart track with a motorcycle,
  • Cornering on inclines and declines.

During the training, motorcyclists participate with their own motorcycles to safely explore their and the motor's characteristics and limits.

Please note that this training is available only in HUNGARIAN for our individual clients.


Prerequisite: a valid "A1/A2/A/AM" category driving license, complete motorcycle protective gear:

helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, motorcycle boots or closed-toe shoes that cover the ankle.

Valid "A1/A2/A/AM" driving license
30 000 HUF 4 h / occ.