4 hours driving technique training

The purpose of this training is to develop driving technique skills of car drivers.

During the theoretical lessons, participants can learn about the effects of vehicle dynamics and the basics of the mechanical functions of the vehicle. During the practical training, the adaptive systems of the vehicle in use can be experienced through a series of exercises based on and running in parallel with the theoretical training. Participants will learn the basic driving techniques and solution schemes that are essential for dealing with emergency situations.



- setting the right seat position and correct steering wheel position,

- brake estimation, interpretation and valuation of braking process,

- emergency braking,

- emergency braking on slippery surfaces,

- slalom,

- learning to position the right point of view,

- learning about under- and oversteering, combined with obstacle avoidance,

- regaining stability of an oversteered vehicle,

- driving downhill and uphill on slippery surfaces, finding the ideal curves,

- evasion manoeuvre

Knowledge and competences that can be acquired during the training:

After completing the course, participants will be able to recognise and prevent accident-prone situations, act fast and make the right decision in time about the necessary intervention.


Total number of training lessons: 5 lessons

- Theoretical lessons: 1 lesson

- Practical lessons: 4 lessons

Maximum number of participants: 6 - 8 people

The training ends without an exam, in case of successful completion, a certificate of completion of the training will be issued.










Valid driving license, category „B”
own car
Active modules
M1, M2, M3, M4
4 h / occ.