Double Drive BASIC training


Training for 2 people who want to test the limits of their car together, to show each other how well they know the limits of themselves and the car in various simulated emergency situations.

We recommend the training to you:

- if they want to experience different simulated emergency situations together;

- if ou want to experience it as a couple, how to avoid an accident.


During the training, you can practice on a slippery surface with optimal grip:

- braking in an emergency;

- correct steering technique, slaloming;

- mountain driving on slopes and the correct technique of turning in hairpin bends;

- regaining control over the drifting vehicle.


In order to ensure efficient and safe cooperation, it is possible to carry out the tasks with your own vehicle or a rental vehicle of your choice from our fleet. You and your partner are in constant radio contact with the trainer.

The indicated price is for 2 people, on weekend training days, the program is 4 hours long and includes 2 track modules.

valid driving licence in category B
99 990 HUF 4 h / occ.