Drive & Fun program

DRIVE & FUN - Experience program in 4 hrs


Test your reaction and driving skills! Get the best out of yourself in safe conditions! Every three months, we announce a competition among the participants of the program, the contestant with the best time in the time-stress task will be awarded with a pair of 3-race gokart vouchers.

We recommend the program:

- if you want to test yourself with friends or others on our training course with this experience program combined with a technical skills competition and driving experience elements

The training takes place as follows:

- We organize groups of maximum 8 people and they move around the experience modules in rotation.

- The experience program always starts with a safety briefing. Cars and radios are then assigned, and participants line up with their vehicles starting the experience program. Everyone participates in every task.

- Only one car is active on the track at a time, while the others listen to the trainer's observations and suggestions via CB radio paralell. Participants can check and learn from their mates’ performance and driving style and method observing them practising.

- Driving tasks and exercises are following each other quickly, offering our guests to take the full advantage of the time available.

- Experience program elements are placed into modules: M1, M2, M3, M4.

The program is organized on weekends, the minimum number of people required is organized by the driving camp for the dedicated day.

Valid category B driver’s license, own vehicle
75 000 HUF 4 h / occ.