Motorcycle Complex Training

The aim of the training: to develop the theoretical and practical abilities and skills of motorcyclists, to apply what they have learned during the training o nthe roads as well.

We pass on the professional experience of the last 25 years for every participants tailor-made, both theoretically and practically, in a way that solves different and varied track tasks that simulate traffic situations.

Track simulation exercises allow all motorcyclists to master the technical handling of their motorcycle with a skill level that allows them to use it as safely as possible in everyday road traffic situations.

Content of the training

"Always start with the basics, that's never enough!"

Basic exercises: the slalom, the Dutch gate, the Sági clover, the small circle, the eighth and the others. You may think I’ve done this many times, but believe me, not enough times! All of these exercises provide effective engine management using a gas-clutch-rear brake combination.

What makes the training complex?

After intensive mastering of the basic exercises, we will also practice dynamic tasks on the M5 module at highway speeds, cornering techniques, positioning in the “traffic lane”, and viewpoint shifting. This is followed by the go-kart track, which summarizes in a great and exciting way what you have learned during the basic and dynamic tasks on ever-changing curves. We end the day with braking, making maximum use of the front and rear brakes, stopping in front of an “unexpected” obstacle.

The price of the training includes a two-course lunch in our bistro MOTO restaurant.

Valid category A1/A2/A driving licence
44 990 HUF 7 h / occ.