Motorcycle Advanced Training

Training for bikers to get prepared for all kinds of traffic situations and handle their vehicle more safely.

We recommend this training for you if your are already self-confident but you would like to learn how to handle emergency situations occurring during city rides or outings.

We start on a low speed to practice basic technics, then focus on realizing emergency situations and the technic of avoiding. After that we practice the recognition of emergencies and the best techniques of avoidance even the ideal turning lane. We start the skill practices on a law speed, then continue on module M5 with normal speed (50-120 km/h).

Content of the training, practices:

- intermediate, advanced drivers are welcome;

- technical basics, advices;

- improtance of steering and sitting position on the motorcycle;

- vehicle maintenance and handling bases (front and rear brake, acceleation and clutch handling);

- emergency / intensive braking;

- slalom, sudden lane change;

- curve techniques and sitting positions;

- sudden barriers, turning technics.

Basic practises are taking place on the module MO, which is approximately 2000 square metre then we move on to the 1.2 km long, two laned M5 module with different curve combinations.


Valid category A1/A2/A driving licence
39 990 HUF 6 h / occ.