Kawasaki New Motor Training

We recommend the training to those who want to test the limits of their newly purchased Kawasaki motorcycle and themselves in a safe, controlled environment.

Basic Training for everyday drivers and those who haven't attended a driving skills training before, to always stay in control of their vehicle!

The goal of the training:

To master safe and conscious motorcycle handling and to prevent road traffic accidents.

We recommend the training to you if:

  • You want to drive more safely;
  • You want to learn simple ways to avoid an accident;
  • You want to control your motorcycle more consciously even in emergency situations.

Structure of the training:

  • Theoretical instruction,
  • Correct seating position on the motorcycle,
  • Slalom exercises,
  • Choosing the correct viewpoint,
  • Practicing turning techniques used in road traffic,
  • Emergency braking.

For effective and safe learning, tasks are performed with your own Kawasaki vehicle, and you are in continuous radio contact with your instructor.

Please note that this training is only available in Hungarian.

Training sessions start at 9:00 AM or 2:00 PM.

Prerequisite: A valid “A1/A2/A/AM” category driver's license, full motorcycle protective gear:

Helmet, gloves, motor jacket & trousers, motorcycle boots or closed shoes/boots that cover the ankle.

For more information, please contact your dealership or central customer service at +36 23 565 530.

valid “A1/A2/A/AM” category driver's license
Kawasaki own motorcycle