Under 17

Your first driving experience!

This 60 minutes involve the young ones to get the taste of the first driving experience with an automatic Mercedes-Benz A-Class training car with a side pedal.

Is there a better program than to drive a Mercedes-Benz A-Class car in one of the country's most modern track without driving license? Drivingcamp and Mercedes-Benz created together the Under 17 program offering safe environment, professional team, super exciting modules and premium-class trainers.

The first driving experiences are decisive, so you need a relaxed environment and professional support so that you do not lose motivation and feel the driving pleasure.

During the program you can get involved into the following themes:

  • Setting the vehicle, handling,
  • Basic usage of accelerator and break pedals, steering-wheel,
  • Individual driving technique excercises due to the participants' skills.

During the program our trainer deals with 1 participant at a time and the educational vehicle is ensured by Mercedes-Benz.

min.150 cm body height and over 14 years
46 990 HUF 1 h / occ.