drivingcamp – Speedzone Tech Day 2021.09.04. - Visitor ticket

Sept. 04, 2021 DC - Speed ​​Zone Tech Day


Visitor tickets are available ONLY ONLINE!

The price of the visitor's ticket is 1500 HUF / person (entry is free for children under 12), this requires online registration. Admission is, of course, transferable (you will receive an armband upon arrival at the Drivingcamp), but the ticket price is non-refundable. Admission can only be purchased online by clicking on Booking by appointment.

With a visitor's ticket you are entitled to participate in all performances and programs that are not related to driving technique training, of course the go-kart track is also open to you, where you get a 2022 membership card (along with all its benefits) and a mask for free.

Go-kart track usage fees:

1 race - 8 minutes: HUF 3,990-

3 races - 3x8 minutes: HUF 9,990-

5 races - 5x8 minutes: HUF 15,990-


The professional presentations will be held in the air-conditioned, cool showroom so that those who would also take part in the training can also be there.

Their schedule is as follows:

10:15 - 11:00: I ask questions and answers with Norbert Michelisz, Pista, and a couple of good management tips.

13:15 - 14:00: The light and dark sides of veteranism and old car resurrection with Zsolt Csikós. 16:45 -

17:30: Development of fuel systems and some lubrication technology with Göbölyös doc.


The maximum number of visitors is 500 people.




1 500 HUF / occ.