SUV Adventure Training

Focusing on driving technique-safety-experience


With high-performance cars, dynamic load shifting is a common topic. Many critical situations on the road end in serious accidents with SUVs, because drivers can lose control of the vehicle more easily due to poor steering.


We recommend this training for you:


  • if you would like to test your high-performance, off-road city car
  • or your off-road SUV in its real nature
  • even on loose surfaces!


During the SUV Adventure Training:


  • you can get to know your car’s limit int he most safety way,
  • learn how to handle the load change of a car on both high-adhesion asphalt and slippery surfaces,
  • you can get to know how to handle your car’s dynamic load shifting,
  • you can try out off-road driving and get useful instructions


In order to ensure efficient and safe training, participants use their own/ rented  vehicle and keep radio contact with the instructor.

Valid B category driver's license
Active modules
74 990 HUF 6 h / occ.