• Media Equipment
    • 42” Samsung Smart TV - 7 pcs, 4 pcs in the 4 conference rooms, 1-1 in the reception area and in the bistro Moto 
    • All TVs with HDMI connection
    • Apple-TV connection
    • Showroom ledwall technical details:
      FullHD 1920x1080, 16:9
    • Conference rooms have: Projector, Flipchart, electric shades, microphone and sound system for the presentations
    • Reception area - hall: indoor sound system, microphone
    • Free Wi-Fi
  • Electricity

    Free electric chargers are available to our Guests as follows:

    • 2 Mercedes-Benz chargers, TYPE 2, 22 kW
    • 1 MVM Mobiliti Fast charger, DBT, 22 kW and 50 kW, 3 charging options: Type 2 /CCS/CHAdeMO
    • 1 Volkswagen MOON charger, CCS, 75 kW

    • We have 3 phase charging availability on different capacity levels on the territory of the parking lot and event section and furthermore for indoor events.

    • For the outdoor events 3x63 Ampere, + 3 x 128 Ampere electricity is available.
  • Parking Car/Truck/Bus
    • There are 105 places for cars, which can be increased optionally
    • 6 more places for truck
  • Water
    • There are 15 water withdrawals on the territory of the parking space
  • Showroom media and technical equipment

    Sizes & capacity: Total floor area: 300sqm, ceiling height: 3.95m, garage door: 3.7m x 4.15m. Entrance towards the parking and tracking area.

    Electricity:Total capacity: 3 x 80 A
    Display, presentation: 2 pcs. 4k 65 ”UHD display: 3,36m x 2,1m FHD display / 9 parts
    1920x1080, 16:9, HDMI, Central guidance, 3 different content on 3 screens.
    Sound technic: 7400 W total power, Receive band / DJ line signal, CD, USB, MP3 Bluetooth, Dedicated line for press, 2 pcs microphone.
    Lighting: 12 pcs. LED PAR lamps, 64 M colors stroboscope, 4 pcs. UV light bridge
    LASER lighting element: logo projection
    Communication: GPS / GLONASS / COMPASS coverage, WiFI, broadband internet coverage
    Technician supervision, expert staff