• Truck Self Driving

    You don’t need to be a professional driver to try out driving a Truck. We offer you the possibility to test your driving skills on the next level. Will you dare to go for it? ☺

  • Ariel Atom

    An unforgettable experience for the speed cravers with this amazing supersport car. Try out Ariel Atom as a passenger, which is a world record holder of acceleration. This could be a real heart-pounding adventure as part of a driving technique or team building training.

  • Helicopter*

    Explore the amazing Zsámbék basin from the sky! This program is an essential part of team buildings as well as family days so our guests can return to their homes with this unforgettable experience!

  • Looney car

    Driving an old school Land Rover with an opposite moving steering wheel + blind driving program (track will be built up by instructors). The main idea is to complete the track modul separated in groups under pressure of time and stress.  If it seems too easy, you can try it with covered eyes, navigated by the group members. We highly suggest this additional fun program for team buildings, company off-site days or any other event.


  • Off-Road Taxi*

    Have fun riding alongside our professional drivers! This module provides you many speciality for a wide range of 4x4 and off-road vehicles, such as side inclination of handrail or downgrade the ability to test different tilt angles, 40-50-60-70-80-90% incline and slope surfaces. Our off road trainer will drive you through of fallen trees, Spanish-steep Stairs, Glacier river, rocky surface and also show the technique how to escape from deep soft soil.

  • Off-Road driving*

    Try out Your driving skills and experience what Your car can do on slippery slopes as well as muddy valleys! Test Your cars side tilt, and our teeter on our brand new 8 ha off-road track!

  • Dynamic fast lap*

    Get to know our track’s straights and curves, with uphill and downhill sections. Acquire the high speed driving techniques with Your own car on our precise and accurate curvy track. The track also provides the opportunity to try out high performance cars with professional drivers, so just come to our beautiful venue and see it for yourself!

  • Gokart

    Our outdoor karting track is awaiting you with exciting and thrilling curves!

  • Skillgames

    Prove your skills and tricky tire change and trunk packing games. Who will be the most efficient one out of your team?

  • Simulator Race

    Experience a very realistic simulator race on one of the most modern devices.

  • Quad Off-Road*

    It’s getting muddy in here! Make a race with your friends and colleague on our off-road area with quads. Suits and Helmets will be provided, so you can enjoy the muddy adventure to the fullest. ☺

  • Segway Off-Road*

    Make a race with your friends and colleague on our off-road area with segways. Suits and Helmets will be provided, so you can enjoy the muddy adventure to the fullest. ☺

  • Etyekwood

    You always wanted to be a part of an car action movie? Get in advance a professional preparation training at the drivingcamp and shoot afterwards with your team at Etyekwood an unforgettable movie.

  • Geo Catching

    Treasure Hunt at the drivingcamp. Mobilize your team, find all hidden spots and answer the tricky questions. Who’s gonna win the title of being a real treasure hunting pirate? ☺

  • *- Seasonal/Weather Depending Program