• Christmas Parties

    Make your Christmas Party a remarkable memory. Select from our all-in-one packages for a thrilling Action during the day, fulfilled with team building and company engaging and enjoy in the evening a pleasant dinner in an unique location followed by a big party. Psssst.. we also offer chauffeur services or we can simply book rooms for your in the lovely Abacus & Spa Hotel, only 5 minutes from drivingcamp.


  • Business Dinner & Events

    Impress your clients with a unique and special Dinner and Conference Location. We fulfill any catering and entertainment wishes from your side. Contact us at [email protected] - to prepare your tailor-made year end event!

  • Partner & Clients Events

    We gladly organize your partner and clients event for any occasion and presentation at our venue. Enjoy our all-in one service where almost every wish can be fulfilled and organized by our professional team.

  • Team Building

    Get closer with you team with us! Beside tricky team games with driving related topics, we also offer plenty of additional indoor and outdoor programs to develop and improve your skills as a team player. Please also check our experience programs and additional services.

  • Professional Vehicle & Supplier Testing

    Test you vehicles under safe conditions for extreme situations in on- and off-road. Beside vehicles our venue is perfect for supplier testing as tires, vehicle software testing, spare parts and many more...

    Surely we provide you all the privacy and exclusivity you would need for sensitive testings.

  • Family Day

    We gladly organize for your an exciting Family Day, with lots of outdoor and indoor Team Games, Children’s Games and Entertainment, Special Activities for Ladies and Gentlemen and surely we offer catering for each Family Taste. ☺  Please also check our experience programs and additional services.

  • Press Conference

    We offer you a complete facility for organizing your press conference at the drivingcamp. Offering media equipment, large seminar rooms with premium sound and light quality, interpreter services and catering for every wish.    

  • Professional Driving

    If your company is seeking for improving the skills of your professional driver team or our trainer, educated with highest German standards will support you in developing any skills a professional driver needs for his daily work on the roads. Surely we offer also eco-trainings for Bus and Truck drivers to save fuel and support the environment for an efficient and smart driving.

  • Exclusive Car/Truck/Bus Brand Day and Vehicle introduction

    Present your vehicles on one of the most beautiful and modern driving technique centers in Europe with our all-inclusive service! You can offer your guests an indoor car presentation up to two cars, outside testing on our on- and off-road modules and due to a large space we can build up professional presentation tents for your event. Car wash, fueling, fleet management, premium catering, hostess services, ambulance and anything else you need for your event can be organized by our team.

  • Roadshow

    drivingcamp is the perfect venue for a stop during your Roadshow events. Located directly on a highway M1 we can offer you all facility management you would need for managing your Roadshow. Beside this, you can use our track for vehicle presentation, testing and enjoying.

  • Tuning & Old-timer Shows

    drivingcamp offers an impressive space for Tuning and Old-timer shows. Beside the cars, which can be exhibited in the parking area we also offer dynamic hot laps to show your skills under safe conditions. Also our whole track can be used as an exhibition area for all types of vehicles.

  • Adrenaline Programs

    You think driving as boring and monotone? Then with these programs we can prove the opposite. Enjoy thrilling experience with our super fast race car, Ariel Atom, Feel the centrifugal force with out Drift Experience or Enjoy the muddy roads on our off-road areas. Still not satisfied, then we will take you up in the air with our stunt Helicopter. ☺

  • Off-Road Programs

    On over 10ha space we offer our clients Off-Road experiences and trainings with your own cars or rented cars. Learn how to handle the car on muddy roads, slippery slopes and water.

  • Photo -/ Video Shooting

    Use our venue for incredible and unique photo and video shootings. Under save and private conditions we offer film crews, professionals, semi professionals, magazines, TV and Companies a premium location for your ideas to come to reality.

  • Expo / Conference

    We offer you plenty of indoor and outdoor space for organizing your Expo/Conference at the drivingcamp. Managing all additional wishes and services from one hand for making your event a success.

  • Bachelor’s or Bachelorette’s Party and Weddings

    Not only for car fans we offer drivingcamp as a unique location for the best party. Offering an all-inclusive service you can enjoy your one of the most important days of your life in very private circumstances, sharing these experiences only with your closest family and friends.