When you say take care of yourself, it means: I love you. Give safety for Christmas to take care of her / him,  even when you’re not next to each other.

We gladly recommend our driving and gokart vouchers, which are not only super gifts, but also contactless, as you can buy everything online!


It's better together

Training for 2 people who want to test the limits of their car together, to show each other how well they know the limits of themselves and the car in various simulated emergency situations.

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Driving + wellness

Our Drive & Spa package includes a 4-hour drivingcamp training and the special wellness program of the Abacus Hotel **** for 2 person. To have something to look forward to and relax with a pleasant wellness after the reopening!

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Renewed gokart packages

Brand new gokart gift vouchers, even for small groups, for the season 2024, for lovers of racing and adrenaline.

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U17 - Experience your first drive!

It is an excellent choice for those youngsters before driving license, as they can experience their first driving experience with the help of our professional trainer and an A-class Mercedes-Benz.

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Winter prep

Drive confidently even in winter road conditions and learn from us how to react in extreme situations!

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