Introducing the kart team!

We will continue the presentation of the drivingcamp team, this time we asked our two go-kart colleagues, Balázs Szűcs “Szücsi” and Olivér Csomor.


What is worth knowing about you?

Olivér: I am 24 years old and I am still a newie at drivingcamp, but I have a lot of perspectives in me, I fit in, I feel good here. I live in Pest county, I have always been interested in motorsports. I currently take the go-kart reception and am happy to help with other areas if needed. I’ve been interested in cars since I was a kid, I helped with drift events on weekends before I got to drivingcamp.

Szücsi: I am 36 years old, I studied and worked as a professional car mechanic, specially in services, racing sports, rally lines. I live in Páty, close enough to the drivingcamp, I am a perfect pop in man. I have been working on the drivingcamp for 3 years, I had a part time job previusly on the kart track, then I was fully recruited after a Covid stage.


Why go-kart?

Szücsi: At a hobby level, I’ve always wanted to race, but I realized that the average racing branches were inaccessible to an average man, but the amateur go-kart was easily accessible.

Olivér: I also love motorsport, but before I got here, I wasn’t involved very much in karting. Here, however, it turned out that I wasn’t that bad at it and I was eventually persuaded to try the amateur go-kart racing. I really like it, it’s competitive and more affordable than a rally, and then I’m moving nicely ahead of the races now.


What is your average day like?

Olivér: I answer incoming e-mails and phones, prepare offers and reservations, wait for payments, and then the guests. When clients arrive, I’m a classic receptionist in one person, I welcome them, register guests, and also accompany them to the field, then we watch the tutorial video together, I tell the clues about what to know, what to look for on the field. I also help if I need to place someone in the go-kart or save them if anything happens. If I'm not at the reception, I'll help Szücsi with what he needs.

Szücsi: My table is more of the technical side of the go-kart, I am a marshal on the field. After arriving and opening the track, I refuel the machines, wash them and wait for the customers. Of course, I can also be a field worker, a receptionist, which is convenient, because we are both able to replace each other with Olivér, so either of us can be late. :) The go-kart usually opens from Thursday, the rest of the week I am mainly busy with technical things. I order go-kart parts, handle phones, and stuff. Olivér and I haven’t worked with us in a long time, but the chemistry is really good and we’ve became a real team.


How did you find each other?

No comments! :) We can say that we compete against each other in a league, in fact, our third colleague, who jumps in with us, also races there.


What do you do out of season?

Szücsi: We switch shifts, inspect cars, replace parts if necessary, and in the wintertime we come up with ideas for the next season, so we never stop.


What kind of maintenance do go-karts need?

Szücsi: At the end of the year there is a grand general, but otherwise the maintenance is continuous, approx. the inspection is regular every 100 operating hours. We have a great preparation before winter so you don’t have to rush in the spring when the season starts. We do the go-karts so we just have to get them out of the garage in the spring.


Do you compete with each other on the track?

Szücsi: Just for fun, we sometimes push a small ten circle race at the end of the day, but we also compete with each other for real, but in this case there we take it seriously. Sometimes Olivér is blocking me sharply, then I turn it smoothly, I set him against the wall. :)

Olivér: Now we had a home race, we, the „drivingcampers”, stood on all three stages of the podium, we handed out the tactics nicely before the race so that the others could not overtake us.


There may come some funny stories!

Szücsi: When adults climb into a kid’s go-kart, it’s very funny, but we’re warning them sometimes because they look like Bud Spencer in the tiny Fiat. They don't fit, but they even sit inside.

There was also a time when a lady once tied / fixed the helmet on the back of her neck, and finally her partner took pity on her and told her it wasn’t going to be that good. Anyway, I think there’s something funny every day. It was also the case that someone needed to visit the loo while racing, and there lap times were overturned.

Olivér: There are also typical sentences that everyone says time to time. For example, when looking at records, everyone makes sure that this time was made by a 40 kgs kid. It also happens that the go-kart is regularly called a carriage, or the seat is a chair.

Szücsi: It is common that if someone goes on time, they are sure that if they come out first, they will win. And of course, everyone’s post-drop circle is the best, which no longer matters. Anyway.


Do you have inner jokes, slang?

Olivér: Coffee with a little cinnamon? It comes from a younger pop-in employee who asked for his first drivingcamp coffee like this, and it was so funny at the time that we are mentioning that quite often.


Are there celebrities?

Szücsi: There are a lot of more well-known people, but more from automotive field, so being lame is not typical. Of course, if you are not professional celebrity in automotive or motor sports, you will see quality gaps, but also sharp struggles.

We also love shootings, there are a lot of funny things there too. We love our job, that’s the situation and we’re never bored