Let’s meet our trainers!

7 questions, 7 answers from drivingcamp trainers.

Let’s begin with Jenő Zsurzs, one of our senior trainers.


Tell us a few words about yourself first!

I’ve been an instructor here since the start of the drivingcamp (since September 2012) - I think it’s clear from this fact that I love this profession. My previous job was also related to cars, I had the good fortune to attend driving trainings abroad and in Hungary as well - and then I was tempted. :)


How does your average day look like?

We have a variety of trainings - on and off-road - it is important to go on the track before starting the day (for example, what is the condition of the off-road track after a rainy night), to check the details. Then comes the training itself (4, 6, or 8 hours) - I don’t have two same days, there’s no time to be bored!


What’s your hobby?

Diving, coffee, driving, family - the exact order of these is a secret :)


What was your hardest, most challenging day at the drivingcamp and why?

Once there was an all-day event in December, when the track started to freeze in the squeaky cold during the afternoon ...

What was your funniest moment in your work?

I can not tell a word, discretion first of all! :)


If you could meet any famous people, who would it be?

I have already met so many interesting people that I have no such desires.


What is your message for the drivers?

Rather five minutes later - but let's get there safely!