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c 4 July 2017

The Ultimate Off-Road Test

Amateur and professional drivers can test themselves on drivingcamp’s latest off-road track and barriers built in natural environment.

Drivingcamp, the country's unique driving technology center, offers new off-road track, where amateurs and professionals can test their own and their cars' abilities.

Artificial obstacles built in natural environment are suitable for the drivers to exercise special driving techniques required by the terrain in safe conditions.

Since the launch of drivingcamp, it has had an off-road track, but only the more serious off-road vehicles are able to handle this terrain.

The point of the new off-road track is that the SUV (special utility vehicle) category can be used on it, so the owners of SUVs – mainly used in the city - can map their cars’ capabilities and boundaries off-road.

The track allows visitors to learn how to use the car's torque, how to handle the vehicle in deep water, and to develop and practise techniques to keep the vehicle in balance.

Drivers can test their cars on slippery slopes, steep slopes, wet ditches, and on a half- teeter.

Drivingcamp looks forward to welcoming guests from companies who work mostly off- road and not on the highway, or individuals who ride on off-road for hobby and to test their cars' abilities.

The trainings at the off-road track are coordinated by instructors, and the program is always tailor-made to the car’s technical skills. It is a great opportunity for friends to have some fun time, for companies to have a teambuilding.