Are you planning a cozy celebration or a private party? Are family atmosphere, refreshments and special vibe important? Or do you just want to close the year by letting off a little steam and being proud of your success and achievements? 

If you’re thinking in these dimensions, drivingcamp showroom is tailored just to your needs. Thanks to the diversity and complete infrastructure of the location, we can make any dream event possible! Not to mention our team of organizers who are awaiting all your request with multiple years of experience.

If you’re thinking of a corporate program, let us handle it! Why? Because you are a maximalist with events, as are we.


How is drivingcamp showroom special?

We are responding to event ideas with clean, unique high-tech solutions.
It can be homely with its capabilities, it fits private parties well, but it also has the infrastructure for corporate parties for over a hundred participants. We will arrange a dedicated transfer service that will get you to the venue at Zsámbék.
Whether it’s a seated dinner, a program with business presentations, or an enormous karaoke party, drivingcamp showroom helps its customers get the most out of their events with our complex packages.

Close the year or celebrate Christmas with us!

Request a unique offer on the e-mail address below! 

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