No, now we are not talking about the health issues of corona virus - we would rather say a few words about the dangerous effects in the transport.

The connection between the impact of the austerity during the emergency is also visible in transport: since introduction of the government, like closing borders and schools, shops (March 16), traffic has changed dramatically. This is - in one hand, good news for those whose still working, or have urgent tasks to do still. Some people are still on the roads behind the wheel day by day. Nowadays even on the very busy road sections are quiet, you can drive trough smoothly, with shorter travel time and without traffic jam and wasted fuel consumption.

However, changes in traffic conditions (and life situation!) are also risky, because of the virus and its negative effects!

Due to low traffic, we drive in a much less stimulating environment than usual, which reduces our attention and reflexes (increases reaction time). Of course our thoughts are runnig around of our beloved ones, existential and health problems.

As usual, we deal with a phone calls and navigation instructions, while we are listening to music … and meet a fellow ont he roads - who is just the same!

Conclusion: transport is always a dangerous business – each and every day, even nowdays! When you drive, always focus on the road, the traffic, do not let any other, less important actions to distract you from driving!