Dear clients and visitors,

To stop the spreading of coronavirus and flattening the curve can only happen if we all participate and unite for the common good. This is something that drivingcamp, as a responsible company supports.

Our goal is to keep our clients, staff and partners safe, thus we have implemented the following measures, in terms of coronavirus and reflecting on the latest government regulations:

- Bistro Moto restaurant is closed. Only lunch packages are available, only for takeaway.

- It is MANDATORY to wear a MASK inside the building, in common areas and teaching rooms as well.

- Contactless temparature check is mandatory for everyone at the reception. Above 37 degrees of body temperature we can not grant your participation on trainings.

- We keep strictly following and implementing our strict cleaning and sanitizing protocol.

- Keeping our assembly protocol, we have also implemented new assembly measures as of 11th November 2020. The number of people can participate one training is maximum 8 persons (group + trainer). Programs are coordinated differently so groups do not meet each other to avoid unnecessary contact.

- Our staff is countinuously tested by antigene tests.

- A Novaerus NanoStrike air sanitizing machine with plasma technology is implemented, which provides clean, virus-free air for everyone inside the building and the conference rooms. This professional health protection device is tested and certified by Hungarian health authorities and uses a mechanism that kills 99% of virus and bacteria without harmful impacts to human body (e.g. ozone, toxic chemicals or UV light). This machine is highly preferred to use in healtcare providers, aged cares, pharmacies, dentists, waiting rooms and educational institutions.

Every client is receiving a detailed description via email before the training, which decribes every measure throughoutly.

I trust that these measures will play a key part in the safe training of every client of ours.

I thank you for your cooperation!


Dr. Reinhard Platzer

Chief Executive Officer

Drivingcamp Hungary Zrt.