At the beginning of the new year, we hosted the employees of the Duna-Dráva Cement. The 6-hours driving training was attended by 9 mixer trucks, 7 special trucks, as well as some managers of the company to test their skills on our track.

They made a shortfilm about the event, you can find the video HERE.


In the first part of the program, the employees could participated a presentation in the Showroom, and then they tried and experienced the gained knowledge and skills on the track.

Participants rated the day:

“I was having a great time. I really enjoyed being able to test the vehicle and my own limits in extreme conditions without risks. It was great to try how to drive in special conditions. It was a great experience. I hope we come back. ”


“I consider this training was a great team program.We’ve learned more about the car’s. I think it would be useful if the training were repeated every 1-2 years, especially if there is a change in the driver's guard. "

Thanks for the positive feedback, we hope to come back again!