COVID-19 rewrites our personal hygiene routines and car usage habits as well. Some people use their cars less because of compulsion, others because of common sense. From the point of view of the car, the reason does not metter.

So let’s see what can we do to ensure when emergency is over, we can start using our car again on a regular basis with the least loss of „forced rest”.

Although at first it may sound strange, but the best preservative is: usage.

The cold start is responsible for most of the engine wear, this effect is even worse when the car is not in regular use: oil droplets are going down from surfaces, which have to be lubricated.

When you park your car in the garage for a longer therm, the ingredients of fuel (gasoline-ethanol-water) separate. (gasoline and diesel as well) This makes later difficult to start engine.

Tires can be also effected by a lot of stagnation, especially when pressure is lower than ideal, as our tire may deform due to uneven loading.

If possible, park your car in the shade - at least at noon, ultra-violet radiation is relentless.

If you have a garage - it can be also useful to purchase a charger to maintain or fill the battery. It is available in many stores for a few thousand Forints.

It’s worth to start up the car and drive at least once a week. If you have no charger, it should drive at least for 10 km, this way fuel in the tank has time to mix up and the brake system is also used a little bit.

We all love to drive, nice way of relaxation and for sure, better than reading worrying news and stress.

If you like to wash your car, can be also a good program at home to clean and disinfect it, in and outside as well.

Nowadays maybe we have a little extra time to care of our beloved car, with the positive effect on our own mental well-being! :)