We are delighted to announce that we hosted the event and to be part of the MVM Go service.

MVM GO, which includes  a free 4-hours driving training and can be used for up to 72 months, was presented by the two companies at the Drivingcamp in Zsámbék.

Dr. Balázs Tomaj, Managing Director of MVM Group, Zoltán Alkér, Deputy Chief Infrastructure Officer of MVM Group and László Rónai-Horst, Managing Director of Mercarius Fleet Management, spoke at the press event starting at 11.00.

Dynamic growth in the electric car market

Thanks to the increasing battery capacity and thus the increase in range, as well as the dynamically expanding nationwide charging infrastructure, electric cars are no longer just more environmentally friendly alternatives to urban transport. More and more people are replacing their traditional-powered cars with hybrid or fully electric vehicles, which can now be used to take a summer family trip as well as a daily commute to work.


New challenges 

However, this increasingly popular category can pose a new problem for owners when the event of a breakdown or incident. Repairing cars with a fully electric motor may require a specialist, but a qualified technician may be required to perform periodic maintenance. Because of this, the owner often has to waiting long times and may have to reach deep into their wallets.  The MVM GO E-car is a leasing dcompanydeveloped by the MVM Group and Mercarius Fleet Management, which provides the convenience, predictability and security of corporate fleets in the retail segment.


MVM GO E-car long-term rental - A unique solution in the market

MVM offers a full range of services in a choice of long-term rental construction with a term of 36, 48, 60 or 72 months. Anyone who chooses the MVM GO pays a fixed monthly amount, which, in addition to the use of the vehicle, covers the total maintenance costs of the vehicle, winter and summer tires, their replacement, insurance premiums and, if required, replacement car and return services  also included. MVM GO offers all its customers 4 hours of driving training at Drivingcamp, where they can learn about the features of their new electric car. Currently there are 2 models in stock (K e-Niro, CUPRA Born), but an individual MVM GO offer is also available for each electric car based on customer requirements.


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The press event was presented by Adrienn Vogel rally driver and László Csörgő the head trainer of the Drivingcamp.