The behavior of wild animals, especially during the mating or hunting season, changes completely. From July to the end of August, deer matchmaking and racing takes place.

After that, deer roaring begins at the end of August, and during the wild boar period, the entire forest becomes upset, restless, and fleeing. In this case, large game can travel considerable distances. Unfortunately, during these periods, the behavior of animals changes radically and instead of hiding, it has diminished sense of fear, which can lead it more often to the roads.

The establishment of any feeding places is allowed at a distance of at least 200m from the road. Within this distance, hunting is also prohibited, helping to reduce the number of animals on the roads.

We drivers can do a lot to prevent accidents with animals!

The wildlife warning sign indicates that you are expecting the appearance of the animal on the road and choose your speed accordingly. With such a sign, reduce our speed, increase our tracking distance in case of emergency braking. Observe the roadside sections as well.

If you still have an animal crossing the road ahead of us, expect its companions to follow! The red deer, for example, is a highly social animal, in their case the intention to follow one another, much stronger than the fear of meeting people. 

Animals choose the night time for wild wandering, in which case we should be even more attentive behind the wheel, because the headlamp blinds the animal and, of course, they are unable to measure the speed and distance of the approaching vehicle.

If it still comes across, reduce the speed of our car with intensive braking (emergency braking)! In good case, we can avoid the accidant, but if not, the reduced speed reduces the impact energy of the collision. Unfortunately, sometimes it can happen that it hits the side of the vehicle. The human factor is no longer sufficient to prevent this. It is important to for all drivers to practice the right actions to deal with these types of emergencies so that the appropriate response to an unusual situation is automatically generated when needed! There are countless types of training to gain experience on the track of drivingcamp Hungary, Zsámbék.

However, there is a Hungarian technology that allows us to escape the wild from far away.

With the help of a special whistle, cars and wildlife do not endanger each other and do not lose their lives to innocent people and animals on the road. The Siren7 ™  system has been tuned by engineers to alert the animal about the vehicle near around. It is recommended that such special equipment be used for those traveling in particularly endangered areas - rich in wildlife.

But most importantly, drive with care, protect the integrity of your own and our wonderful wildlife!