Let’s have your child's first driving experience unforgettable with the Mercedes-Benz Under 17 program! Our 2nd training car has also arrived!

 Is there a better program than to drive a Mercedes-Benz A-Class car in one of the country's most modern track without driving license? Drivingcamp and Mercedes-Benz created together the Under 17 program offering safe environment, professional team, super exciting modules and premium-class trainers.

The 60-minute training allows every youngster over 150 cm and 14 years to get their first driving experience with an automatic Mercedes-Benz A-Class training car with a side pedal. In such an environment, quick and efficient development is guaranteed, but we always keeps in mind that learning and preparation remain the driving experience!

The U17 program begins with an individual competence survey. Trainers of the drivingcamp are assessing what skills they need to develop and thus personalize their training. The first driving experiences are decisive, so you need a relaxed environment and professional support so that you do not lose motivation and feel the driving pleasure.

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Get an appointment via phone: +36 23 565 530! See you soon!