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c 10 November 2018

Let's help the Dream Carrier together!

Help the Dream Carrier!

The Dream Transportation Foundation is transforming the dreams of people with disabilities, and now the drivingcamp has joined to this initiative.

Together, we set the goal of achieving a dream that can not be accomplished by only one person, so we are asking for your help now. The inspiration was given by a Mercedes-Benz model, which makes the driver safe and independent. It gives you the feeling of freedom, rolling around the wheels wherever you go.

We would like to give this experience now to 150 disabled people. To do this, from the price of the Mercedes car we woul like to donate a special wheelchair accelerator to make these people safer, faster and more freely.

We need 25,000 people to donate 2018 huf. With this you can make 150 people's dream come true, and make them self-esteem. Be part of the miracle!