7 questions, 7 answers from drivingcamp trainers!
Our „celebrity” of the month is......BOTOND VEÉR!

Tell us please the the most important things about you?

As long as I can remember, I loved cars, driving have had a special place in my life.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been a fan of everything had engine with internal combustion.

As time goes on, electric and hybrid cars become more and more popular on the market and there is nothing wrong with this, as innovation in the automotive industry is essential, although I would still choose any time an old TD5 Land Rover Defender instead of an innovative, quiet and environmentally friendly Tesla Model-S.

Everyone „hit their heads differently” :)

I've been in the drivingcamp instructor team for almost two years, thanks to Land Rover and Lászlo Csörgő. We are both members of Land Rover family in Hungary, where we drive old, uncomfortable defenders wich coughing up black smoke.

Up the hills and down the lane, on these tours you can realize that there are two kinds of people in this world;  functional drivers: only purpose is to get from A to B, type of the car doesn't matter. The others are just in love with driving. It could be a V8 or a 20-year-old Defender, doesn't change the point, he just loves cars and driving is the part of his life. I belong to the the second type.

How does your average day look like?

I used to start my day early, thus, I can enjoy my morning coffee in calm, peaceful conditions, as there is no need to rush. When I get to drivingcamp, I like to get ready for that training as much as possible. I go through a regular check-list, to find out what group is coming, what kind of training, choose and prepare cars and, of course, the track. After training, we usually stay little longer with a few colleagues and discuss the happenings of the day with a nice coffee (or a good cake if we are lucky).

What's your hobby?

I like to do things I can be creative and, of course the best if this have at least two - four wheels and it is equipped with some engine.

What was your hardest, the most challenging day on the drivingcam and why?

There are always challenges….that's why we're succeeding. Behind everyone, there is the team of drivingcamp and together we can handle unexpected overcomes and all challenges. I can't highlight a specific event or day. We have to deal with lot of different things every training session, or day, and that's what makes our profession so beautiful.

What was your funniest moment at work?

A few months ago, we had an 8-hour training with my dear colleauge, when it was over, for sure we got tired and wanted to go home to take a rest. Two of us worked on the field, my colleague Imre held the fort inside. During the day, Imi and me figured out how much fun it would be to pour a mixture of oil and water under Krisztián's car wich never provides a pleasant sign under a car. As we approached the end of the training session, Imi snaled out and poured some of this wonderful coctail under the car. When the training ended and we were ready to go home, Krisztián realized our surprise, that all kind of interesting stuff is coming out from his nice car. He started to looking for the reason, what kind of failure can it be, he stood with incredible confidence above the car, and also under it, everywhere. It was fantastic to watch it trough.

Knowing Krisztián's past by the Special Police Department, we told him - from a safe distance- that we were behind the unexpected technical failure. Thanks Good he laughed about it, got the joke. After convincing him of the correct technical condition of the car, with Imre's characteristic frequency of laughter in our ears, we drove home.

If you could meet any famous people, who would it be?

Jeremy Clarkson.

What is your advice  to drivers?

Take a good care of eachother!

Everyone is in a hurry, and someone is waiting for all of us at home!