Dear Partner, 

measures taken by the government of the Hungarian Republic in reply to the epidemic caused by COViD19 need to be made efficient arrangements on our and the decision-makers of the companies’part as well.

The primary consideration of the measures is our employees’ health.

Our task is to organise the parts of our business activity which have to be maintained during the pandemic.

The 105/2020 (IV.10) edict disposes about providing support in the scope of the Economic Protection Action Plan for the reduced working hour employment during the emergency phase and the so called individual developmental measures taken after the agreement between the employer and the employee during this period.

Insofar as your company/organisation is planning this kind of measures please note to recommend the driving safety trainings organised by Drivingcamp which correspond to all the epidemiological regulations in all particulars (eg. communication without contact by radio, sterile vehicles, etc.) .

For those economic organisations where participation on driving technique trainings is ordered for the employees and where the trainings are manageable during the working hours our service with adherence of strict security measures is available furthermore.

Naturally the pandemic plan of our company covers our entance building as well.

If our training opportunities aroused your interest we are waiting for your registration on the e-mail address: [email protected] or on the phone number: +36/23 565 530.

Dr. Reinhard Platzer

General Director / CEO