We are preparing for the autumn weekends for all fanatics with a variety of Gokart programs - find the most suitable leisure program for you at the DC Karting track!


26 September 2020, Saturday- GOKART MARATHON: 16.30-

How about an exciting gokart marathon? 65 laps on the track,mor than one hour of continuous racing and adrenaline, a total of 42 km to be done on the track with the gokart. We are already excited and waiting for you too! Entry fee: br. 16,990 HUF / person. If this challenge is for you, please register by e-mail, the number of competitors is LIMITED!

Apply now: [email protected] 


26 September 2020, Saturday- RAPID REVERSE RACE: 20.00-

Register yourself for the last amateur rapid race of the season, where we start the races in reverse direction, over 14-year-old category, and average 85kg weight class, starting at 8pm! Entry fee: br. HUF 12,990 / person, applications are welcome by e-mail: [email protected]


02 October 2020, Friday - CHAMPIONS' LEAGUE: 16.30-

From 18.00 we plan to arrange a special gokart championship with exclusive previos invitation only, for which we have invited all our riders who have completed the course in less than 47 seconds, acknowledging and thanking them for their performance this year. If you also would like to test yourself and beat your lap record time, you can still do so until 01 October!

BEAT my record!


See you soon!

DC Karting Team