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c 14 February 2017


Our head trainer, Csörgő László’s tips and advices for the winter season to drive safer even on the icy, slippery roads.
What is specially important to have in mind to be prepared for each situation?


  • Starting

In the winter conditions always start off slowly, gradually to always have adherence between your tires and the ground - never start in a sporty style! If necessary, for example in case of snowy or icy, slippery roads, you can start from the second transmission gear, therefore the wheels can’t slip out that easily!

  • Braking

While driving it’s always very important be aware of the road conditions and the adherence between the tires and the road to always handle the breaks and steering wheel properly. In winter season it’s important to always push the break pedal gently, as the ABS can’t manage anything if the tires have lost their adherence, so in this case the car will be uncontrollable. In winter circumstances the engine break should be used more intensively.

  • Curves

Slow down before taking the curve to determine the optimal driving speed to avoid unnecessary breaking during the movement and to get back your control over the vehicle.

  • Understeering

If you loose control of the front wheels, your vehicle will be beyond control. Even handling the steering wheel into direction and our car heads towards the outer arc of the curve, reduce your speed with releasing the accelerator pedal and try to recover the side adhesiveness of the tyre! If this activity does not help, handle the steering wheel with gentle, small movements to have an opened way the outer arc of the curve!

  • Oversteering

If you loose the grip of the rear wheels while the front wheels still have the adherence, try to gently accelerate in the case of front-wheel cars to gain back your stability ont he road! In case of rear-wheel vehicles drive carefully and release gently the acceleration until we get the wheel gripped again! Do not use the break under no circumstances because blocking the rear wheel increases the instability of the vehicle!