New season is finally here! - More experience and more challenge on two wheels ! 

In 2023 with renewed training program we are waiting our guests!

Training appointments are opened!


The two most critical points in a motorcyclers' life are speed and visibility. Speed is because we get to reach the desired grade much faster than a car; visibility is because car drivers often notice us late, sometimes too late. An improper driving technique decision or even a minor road fault canlead to serious consequences.

The two most important and basic tips we can give:

- always wear suitable motorcycle clothing;

- prepare your vehicle and train yourself mentally as well when the season starts!

Due to our special infrastructure at drivingcamp, we can create everyday and special situations. Whether it's basic maneuvers, obstacles, difficult curves or road level differences, you'll get a routine with the help of our professional trainers. 


During the training, the riders take part in their own motorcycle to get to know its features and limits in a safe environment.

Precondition : valid „A1/A2/A/AM”  drivingc licence and complete protective equipment

(helmet, gloves, jacket, trousers, motorcycle boots or closed boots or shoes that reach above the ankles)