7 questions, 7 answers from drivingcamp trainers. Let’s continue this month with our head trainer, László Csörgő!


Tell us a few words about yourself first!

All my life I’ve been doing what I love. Gasoline steam has been a hit for a long time, and the love of cars is a part of my life. The automotive industry has always attracted me with the high standards, so I have worked in the premium segment for 27 years. During this time, I became more and more concerned with people and realized that there was a need for customers to learn how to use their car properly, and I could help with that.

As the years went by, I wanted to get the most out of myself. I have been an instructor for 20 years, my career started with brand-specific educations, followed by team buildings and off road trainings. Then I got to know the drivingcamp team, I really liked the idea, the team and the premium quality that can be achieved in this profession. I have only been teaching for 8 years and I have been working as a vocational teacher for 4 years. My goal is to teach students and guests about conscious driving, because I think that routine is the biggest killer of safety in transportation. I would like to pass on the love and practice of safe and economical driving to all my students. Many times I find out that I have to go back to basics in training and re-teach the first steps on the way.

In my opinion, a good trainer can pass on his knowledge, as anyone can learn to drive, but it is more difficult to learn psychology and communication. Perhaps the hardest part of teaching work is building relationships with people, it’s important to be credible and people can trust me.


How does your average day look like?

I wake up early, I prepare the exact plan for the track movements, because I duty is to match the different programs together. Based on the daily programs, I divide the groups so that the trainers can build the didactic process. Then I take my dog ​​out, Boris, who is a cute little bolognese, and then I have to deal with my cat, Air Lingus, too, because he’s a jealous type.

At the drivingcamp, I also hold trainings myself, for which I prepare the track, welcome the clients and tune. Then the training itself and when the final episode is coming, I get the customers’ feedback, I can attach it back to what was said at the beginning of the training. After completing my work, I go home or, if necessary, I provide practical training as a vocational teacher to those who want to gain the a B-category license. When I get home, I grab a bottle of bier - no! No way, just joking. ???? My favorite pastime is wellness.


What’s your hobby?

Off road – my eternal love. I love to drive with my Defender, here too according to the rules, only in the possible areas, not through the landscape protection area. I also attend to races, I also love GPS point-finding races with friends. After 8-10 hours of education-  I feel sometimes as a zombie, so I need to rest mentally as well. I like to watch TV, also the Hungarian series, currently Dr. Balaton and Keresztanyu are my favorites. I really like going to a restaurant because I can’t cook and I don’t care to cook anyway, but I like good food.


What was your hardest, most challenging day at the drivingcamp and why?

Larger events are always a big challenge, with a lot of people moving on the track, they have to have fun, as long as the staff has to guarantee the safety of the guests, so that they don’t feel anything out of it, they just feel good. We had an event once where a motorcycle stunt was one of the attractions. I had to set up the track for him in a matter of moments while hundreds of guests were present, it was hard for me to accept from the organiser’s eyes that it was all safe, I was very tense here and I focused all my nerves on the safety of the guests. Eventually, things went well, and customers didn’t see anything out of that great excitement.


If you could meet any famous people, who would it be?

Salma Hayek!

Seriously, I am always happy to talk to celebrities, I have no exact desire to meet anyone, I really like to talk to everyone about driving, cars. Let me note here that in our small country, everyone is an expert in football and driving as well.


What is your message for the drivers?

Transportation is a huge board game, in which we all have to be equally involved. Not the routine, but the awareness should guide us in this team game! We are only safe if we pay attention to each other and we are equal partners. Like the little water drops in the river, we are formed when the whirl comes, we pull it down together, and finally after the storm we enjoy together the sunshine.