Let’s meet our trainers! - Part 3.

7 questions, 7 answers from drivingcamp trainers. Our December choice is Gergő Varga.


Tell us a few words about yourself first!

I have been interested in driving and motorcycling for a long time, I have been a member of the drivingcamp instructor team since 2014. Professional curiosity driven, always interested in driving, motorcycle handling. Expanding my knowledge and experience and transferring the acquired knowledge. In addition to these, we are lucky enough to get to know the latest cars, try them out and test the advanced techniques and then pass them on to those who are interested. This is the package overall, why I chose the drivingcamp.


How does your average day look like?

Getting up early to get to the track on time. After consulting with colleagues about the daily routine, then the work can begin! If we have a motor training day, a quick refueling in the morning and then track arrangement due to the different type of the excercises.


What’s your hobby?

If my time allows, I'll look at the racing motors for sale on mobile.de, which I won't buy anyway.


What was your hardest, most challenging day at the drivingcamp and why?

I had a self-organized event day where I had to pay a lot of attention to make sure everything went well and as an active trainer, I know what difficulties we run into at the track, which is often not seen by those working in the office department. For sure the reverse situation is also true.


What was your funniest moment in your work?

A colleague was struggling on a cold, gloomy, pretty crowded day. Tea consumption was more than it shoud have been and the breaks were less. I won't go into details now, but we laughed a lot about this ... And when Laci Csörgő (our head trainer) did not pay attention, we started to .... He'll find out the truth once :)


If you could meet any famous people, who would it be?

Maybe I’d be curious about Kimi Raikkonen in civilian life, or let’s say Troy Bayliss is there too who I would meet in person.

What is your message for the drivers?

It is not worth rushing, the Earth is round, there will always be someone in front of us.