Introducing Balázs Söjtör!

We will continue to introduce the drivingcamp team, this time to meet our multi-skilled colleague Balázs Söjtör.

What is worth knowing about you?

I consider myself as a Jolly Joker, wherever I can be deployed, I even pop into the front desk if I have to, or work on the technical front, but there was also a time when I guide and drove around 42 journalist ladies, I was already an off-road trainer once. Not only is my job diverse, I consider myself such a person. I have been working at the drivingcamp for 5 years, I was primarily in the technical department, I also helped with the construction and planning of the showroom and then the gokart track. To this day, I like to be involved into the gokart track duties sometimes, to receive guests or even as a track worker.

My hobby is enduro motorcycling, I go through everything on the border with a motorbike. ???? I have a 2.5 year old son, the time spent with him and my family is worth more than anything and it means real relaxation for me.

Why cars, how come this love?

Both my dad and stepfather were passionate about cars, so this kind of love flooded me, as I got into the world of cars and motorcycles early on as a kid. By the time I was 8-10 years old, I was already tinkering with the engines, and I even drove a lot with our Wartburg across the border with my dad, sitting on a small pillow to reach the wheel.

If you could choose a vehicle, you would use for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Motorbike, no question. Eternal love, two wheels, freedom. I love it.

What is your average day at work like?

There is no average day here, new things happen every day and always different people come arrive here, which is why no day is the same. Of course, there is a system behind: in the morning I hand out and manage the cars, I open the track, check which cars to provide with the instructors for the different programs. But there are also times when I start with arrainging tasks and the track and surrounding area. I also do operational tasks, such as coordination, handling lots of phonecalls and e-mails, arrainging who arrives, when to come, when the track is free, organizing everyday life requires a lot of work.

Managing the 20-25 cars in our fleet is also one of my tasks, which means a lot of things: washing, changing winter tires, maintenance, everything. So we can say that I am responsible for the coordination and maintenance of the entire fleet.

I enjoy my job because I like to look around and see everything the way a customer or owner would see it, so everything has to be perfect. For example, if I go to the restroom and one of the lights doesn’t work, I notice it and take immediate action to fix it.

What was the hardest day for you, the biggest challenge?

There was family day for a company when 300 people were present, and I had to be three places at the same time: to receive the clients as a gokart receptionist, to control a presentation in the showroom, while I was in charge of the whole building and track, so preparations, setup and the breakdown as well. It was a very hectic day, but finally I solved it.

Your funniest moment on the field?

All my days are funny. Recently, 2 instructors appeared on the same module for the same group and they looked at each other to see what the other was doing there. We found this a funny situation. Anyway, we share a lot of little funny moments, the athmosphere is very good in general, so it’s hard to highlight only one thing.

Are there any famous people you would love to meet?

I have already met many celebrities in my work.

If I had to mention anyone, Paul Walker! He was also featured in movies The Fast and the Furious, and it was very moving that her old friend Vin Diesel had recently driven her daughter to the altar at her wedding, as he had lost his life in an accident. While Paul was alive, the family was the most important thing to him, and unfortunately he did not manage to handle that Porsche – he was a good guy…

What is your message for the drivers?

Be very careful and able to compromise! As a private person, it has happened to me several times that I have seen many things on the roads that should not have been handled in such a proper way, of course a similar situation has happened to me before. No problem, I'm learning from everything. I would have one more message: aggression is not the answer, either behind the wheel or anyway!

I would advise anyone who thinks they are driving well to come to a driving training because they may be surprised. You can always learn here!