Let’s introduce yourself!

I have been working at Drivingcamp for 2 years, before that I was involved in tourism - hospitality both in Hungary and abroad, so communicating with people has been a constant part of my life.

I have several threads to Zsámbék, I grew up here, kindergarten, school, my previous jobs, my whole kinship is tied here, so it is a special pleasure for me to be able to enrich my knowledge with a local premium service provider. What is important to me is the opportunity for family, friends, a supportive environment and continuous improvement.

What I do professionally – I give it all and do my best, which is why I avoid superficiality in all areas of life.


What does your average day at the driving camp look like?

In the morning I make my perfectly steamed and caramelized frothy yummy coffee… then the phone lines are active, we start also the e-mail process parallel. :)

Keeping in touch with individual clients makes up most of my day. Our work requires precise organization, continuous monitoring and quick response, as we handle a lot of inquiries, events and the related data management every day.

Overall, my position is characterized by variety and spin.


What is your vision, what drives you in drivingcamp?

I am proud to work for a company that creates real value, which is unique in the country, and the results of our work can even be seen ad felt in human lives.

It is also my pleasure to convey this awareness and responsibility.

In addition, I enjoy everyday communication with clients, the frequent positive feedback I try to thank and make their days more beautiful.


What do you value the most about your work?

The circumstances, the wonderful environment, the unparalleled expertise of my colleagues and instructors from whom I can always learn, but most of all I appreciate that I can feel safe, I can turn to them anytime and on any topic.


What’s your hobby?

After work, I like to keep some distance from daily routine and work, so I „relax” with sports.

Anytime I am keen on dancing, singing on cozy evenings, going to concerts or festivals with my friends.

What matters to me is my time, whether it’s a self-knowledge or psychology book, or online browsing, searching is completely turn my mind off.


What was the funniest thing you would mention during your work?

It happened once that I saw a deer in the rearview mirror on the access road to the Drivingcamp, as the wild traffic was heavy here. The sight was so busy that the next moment I found myself facing a barrier that closes the dirt road next to the Drivingcamp. Luckily, applying what I learned during the training, I managed to stop in time with an emergency brake.

I stopped with a flared face in the parking lot of our center, hoping no one sensed what had happened. Of course, the instructors watched the event from the terrace, and entering through the door, they greeted me with great laughter and promised to give me another personalized driving technique training.

Also, be it trolling, irony or spontaneous speaking, colleagues always throw up my day. 


If you could meet a famous person, who would it be?

I’m basically not a big fan of anyone, I don’t follow celebrities, but if I had to choose, it’s definitely Jon Bon Jovi. Thanks to my parents, I grew up on his music, so it evokes my childhood memories.


What’s your message for the drivers?

I know it sounds stereotypical, but absolute patience and due care is paramount. (Don't text, don’t us handy when you drive!)

No one should feel different on the road, no matter what car they are in and what mood they are in.