About me:

Well,  it would be better to ask someone else… I didn’t think it will be this hard to write about myself…

We moved from Budaörs to Zsámbék with my family three years ago and I have been lucky to work with the great team of drivingcamp for almost two years.

I try to spend most of my free time with my husband and our little daughter.

In our “flock” we also have a super naughty puppy, Carlos and the the most phlegmatic cat in the world our Lottika, who is a real diva anyway. I love all furry four-legged animals, especially deers and big cats, but all kind of animals… But… .I am very afraid of  birds and mice… the last meeting I had with a mouse at drivingcamp was loud enough, so everybody know this here…:) Normally I am not a dramatic kind at all.

What most people find strange in me is that, I don’t like watermelon, sweets, and get flowers from shop….that’s all.

I try to spend my days as actively as possible,  always come up with some productive project, like, rearrange my environment many times, take care of garden, create, raise something so I can enjoy real results.

I always try to find, notice the values in others and my environment, enjoy the “great little things” of life, work, people, clients, and also help to create it in my current environment, in my private life and also at work.

What is your hobby?

My favorite hobby is when I can finally spend quality time with my loved ones because that fills me up the most, each and every day.

After work walk my dog in the woods, while we are talking about the happenings of the day with my family, a delicious dinner together, play cards, boardgames makes me  charged, and relaxed. Spend the Friday evening on our terrace, hear the birds singing  combined with a glass of delicious rosé is just the perfect closing of a busy week.

Like most of the women - I am busy enough with work, family, and houskeeping, I can’t take as much time for my hobby as I used to.

When I was young, I used to dance salsa, even if I am very tired, have no time, I make time for have some party and dance until nobody is there anymore. :)

Same game, with friends, I can always create some time for them.

I love to listening to the music, old movies, and sometimes I also find a new series that I can’t stop until late at night, always regret and promise, “I’ll never do this again” and sleep instead. :)

I am interested in gastronomy, like to cook and try new recipes, ingredients, special dishes, restaurants.

What does your average day look like?

Very, very busy.

I want to sleep a lot, go to bed on time and wake up early in the morning, but unfortunately I am unable to do so right after waking up I am not that charming and kind… :)

However, driving to work already brings me back to life, especially when the sun is shining… the sunflower fields on the way to drivingcamp, or the straw bales and a family of grazing deers put my smile to the right place :) This is my “yoga”.

And it is necessary, because here,” party starts” early in the morning… We never have two same days or events, every program is different. But something is always the same: it is full of: negotiations, quotationss, customer inquiry, events, organization, supply, phone calls, unread e-mails, meetings, changes, problemsolvings, questions, brainstormings, etc.… So we are very active.

Driving culture in Hungary is not the only area has to develop, and our goal is to participate in the process.  Drivers gets the possibility to improve skills here during our trainings  and prepare for unexpected emergencies.

Our priority, and most important goal here at drivingcampen is to develop driving competencies to experience and be prepared to deal with unexpected situations on the roads. So I think, it’s clear, how important that everyone participates in driving trainings from time to time to drive more safely, without accidents. If I can contribute this with my work and support, it’s worth the effort.


What was your hardest, most challenging day at driving camp and why?

Today, the previous one, the next one, and all of them. :)


What was your funniest moment?

There are a lot on a daily basis, really…. I don't even know which one or who to mention. :) colleagues? Nooo… let’s take now customers.

For driving safety reasons, before each training, we ask customers to remove all unsecured items from the car and place them at the reception.

I can’t decide what was funnier, the tiny guinea pig in the pink carrier or the one-meter long machete surprised me more… .

If you could meet any famous people, who would it be?

Of course David Attenborough. I’ve been waiting for him since I was 3.  :)

If he is busy, maybe I it’s possible to comfort me with Bagossy Norbi. ;)

The one who arrange that for me, I give a significant discount by driving camp! ;) :)


What is your message to the drivers?


Someone is waiting all of us at home!

You don't have to hurry, just arrive!

Let’s not risk anyone to be there 3 minutes earlier.

The point is to get there... everybody, safe and sound.

Be more patient and polite with each other on the roads (and in genereal)!