Let’s introduce yourself!

I joined the drivingcamp team at the beginning, I have been working here for 9 years this fall. I came from the hotel industry, to a completely new field for me, as my previous work experience and my degree is not related to the automotive industry either.

Interesting fact, before I changed jobs, I got a sudden puncture on the mountain road leading home, but unfortunately I didn’t know what to do with either the situation or my car. I ended up straight in the ditch, there was no major trouble beyond a greater stress and some material damage, but it was only due to luck. I was not aware or prepared for such an unexpected situation, the car just spun with me on the road, all the way to the ditch ... Then I vowed to visit a driving technique training once, and what does fate bring? A few weeks later I started working at drivingcamp. There may be no coincidences. Since then, I’ve done a few trainings as well.

At first as a team assistant, I helped with the tasks around the opening ceremony of drivingcamp, then, over the months and years, gaining a lot of experience together with the team, as far as the drivingcamp in its current form was formed. As a member of the starting team, I also feel the company “a little” for myself, as everything is constantly evolving, changing; I invisted a lot of work and idea, spent so much time and energy over the last 9 years, as a member of a super and supportive team, so I have proudly held the position of sales manager for a few years now.


What does your average day at the driving camp look like?

Every day is different, so we are never bored. There is constant contact with the heads of the various departments and colleagues, it is exciting to plan a new program, team building or event program together with the client and then take it all the way to implementation. It is a challenge for each department to plan and prepare work processes, and then, in the manner of a good organiser, make things happen the given daily program together with colleagues, so that at the end of the day the client leaves us with a satisfied smile and experience / useful knowledge. In addition to coordinating the team, of course, sales and marketing tasks are also present every day, there are many customer meetings and discussions, conton with service providers, making offers, etc. Less exciting, administrative tasks are also part of my job. However, the preparation of marketing and promotional campaigns takes advantage of my creative side, so I prefer these things.


What is your vision, what drives you in drivingcamp?

Over the years, it has proven that our work is valuable andmake sense. We get a lot of positive feedback from the participants, how many times and how they can utilize everything they have learned from us at drivingcamp. It feels good, that in a certain way we played a role avoiding major property damage in an accident, perhaps saving lives in an emergency because the driver knew exactly where to turn the steering wheel, how to make emergency brake, or how to avoid a possible accident, just because we they had the chance to gain a more conscious driving approach and real practice. We’ll never know how many people we could actually help, but that makes our work special and unique.

What do you value the most about your work?

Thanks to our owner, we can work in European spirit. There are a lot of professional challenges, but the common goal and thus the success of the drivingcamp is what we need to achieve. It does matter with what team, in what environment, under what conditions, and by what method, the path to the goal is achieved, and all of the above are given to us to work creatively, independently and successfully. This isn’t my first job, but I say often, I want to retire from here once. :)


What’s your hobby?

My hobby is my job. :) And when I’m not working, I like to travel, especially like Mediterranean destinations and the feeling of life, there’s nothing better than a real Italian pasta or ice cream; or during a Greek sunset - I feel I don’t even need more than that; finally I arrive home. I love to read, dance, salsa is my eternal love, to eat and drink fine, to spend time with my loved ones and friends. Everything that is creative can keep me busy and relax me at same time, be it learning Italian, rearranging the apartment for several times, photography, or acrylic painting just for fun.


What was the funniest thing you would mention during your work?

We work in a very cheerful atmosphere in everyday life, it’s hard to mention a situation out of many. We tease each other a lot with the trainers, maybe one of my funniest memories is related to when I limped to work with a broken ankle. During the lunch break, the boys made me a mobile carriage from two office swivel chairs, and since safety was first, they set me in the right seating position, fastened me to the chairs with tape, then pushed me out to the restaurant for lunch. Along the way, I was “accidentally” forgotten inside the elevator, we laughed a lot even then and now, when we think of this assassination.


If you could meet a famous person, who would it be?

There is not a single concrete person, but if I have to play with the idea, and here I do not distinguish between Hungarian or foreign person, living or no longer living; I would love to spend a dinner with the following table company: Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo, Anna Gavalda, Tamás Frei, the Dalai Lama and Robert de Niro. Why not? :)


What’s your message for the drivers?

As a good sales person, what else could I say? Visit drivingcamp! :)