Introducing our instructors!

7 questions, 7 answers from drivingcamp trainers. Our introduction today is April Lewis, imaginary trainer, hobby gardener, professional origami master.

Attention! Our character is merely the product of the imagination, any match with reality is only by coincidence!


What do we know about you in a few words?

I've been working here for the ninth year now for my boss. I had no better thing at the time… But you have to do something, earn money and to live from something! It was a big mess then, so I came to help. Even now, someone else could come! : D


What does your average day look like?

I get up, work, go to bed.


What is your hobby?

A hobby? Well, I like gardening and origami.


What was your hardest, most challenging day at the drivingcamp and why?

Every morning it is. You need to talk to colleagues. That's so simple.


What was your funniest moment in your work?

Once somebody told to us, there would be a Christmas bonus again.


If you could meet any famous people, who would it be?

Myself, in 5 years.


What is your message for the drivers?

Nothing! We don't text while driving!