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c 10 December 2018

Customized, tailor-made driving training is offered by drivingcamp

Customized, tailor-made driving training is offered by drivingcamp

Taking advantage of the drivers, professional trainers and car fleets of the drivingcamp, the driving safety center offers special cooperation with its partners. One of the most popular products of this year was a training course for clients of Business Lease Hungary, which will continue next year. The training was tailored to Business Lease Hungary's profile and we developed a 4-hour training based on corporate car damages. Participants can acquire special driving exercises that are useful and applicable in everyday life and can learn best practices to prevent the most commonly occurring damage events.

Drivingcamp team is also ready to develop similar co-operation with the partners who are thinking of to ensure driving trainings to the collegues and make them to feel more comfortable using company cars.

If you are a Business Lease Partner, please visit the following link: