Nowadays in this situation, it is very important not to forget about disinfecting your car.

The first step is: throw away used tissues! Then wipe off the dust from all surfaces, pay more attention the instrument panel and storage compartment!

Vacuuming the carpets and seats should be also part of the basic deeper cleaning.

Surfaces that are often touched will become greasy and used very quickly, so we advise to take a special care of the following surfaces: steering wheel, buttons by the windows, armrest, seat belts, navigation and radio controls. Take care of them with antibacterial wipes that removes dirt from all interfaces. Nowadays it is important to build in disinfection in our daily routine. In addition, it is worth to clean the inside part of windowshield as well more often, as dirt can also accumulate here.

When we’re done with these parts, disinfect your hands carefully to avoid passing viruses to clean surfaces.

Dirt and viruses can settle not only on the surfaces, but also in the ventilation system of the car, after we start to use, they are mixed into the air of the car and can be inhaled. To avoid this, it is useful to clean and disinfect the system in the spring, before we start to use air conditioner. For this aim, we can find different kind of airco.- cleaning sprays, we can use easily at home, but we can also entrust to a professional. To keep the air clean in the car, it is not enough to simply clean the ventilation system: it is also recommended to replace the pollen filters after aircondition cleaning, without this, dust, pollen, can be harmful to our health.

In COVID-19 virus situation, it is highly recommended to disinfect with ozone cleaner. This technology is based on the strong oxidizing effect of ozone, wich kills all fungi, mites, bacteria and viruses without using chemicals.

To make internal disinfection of the car a part of our daily routine, keep disinfectant, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towel, and windshield cleaning liquid in the car.